March 2021 Multifaith Calendar

March 1. Baha'i - Ala (Loftiness) nineteenth and final month of the Baha'i year. There is a 19 day fast until March 19th.

Anglican and Welsh Christian - St. David’s Day

Zero Discrimination Day at the UN

March 3. World Wildlife Day

March 5. Christian - World day of prayer. Annual day of prayer hosted by Anglican, Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic traditions.

March 7. Interfaith services for Commonwealth Day

March 8. Commonwealth Day

International Women’s Day UN

March 10. Islam - Lay al Mi’raj (also called Isra and Mi’raj) commemorates the Prophet's ascension to heaven.

March 11. Hindu - Mahashivaratri is dedicated to Shiva.

March 13. Birth Date of L.Ron Hubbard.

New Moon

March 14. Buddhism - Memorial of Shan-ta Zendo Daishi Chinese priest of the Tang Era. He developed the practice of reciting the name of Amida Buddha.

Sikh - New Year’s Day

Mothering Sunday UK

March 15. Eastern Orthodox - Great Fast Lent begins, also called Clean Monday it occurs seven weeks before Orthodox Easter.

March 16. Zoroastrianism - Ghambar hamaspathmaedem begins and continues through March 20. It celebrates the creation of human beings and commemorates passed souls.

March 17. Buddhism - Festival of Higan-e begins and continues until March 23. Beginning three days before the March Vernal Equinox and three days after it honors the ancestors and is a time to come together and chant the name of Amida Buddha.

Celtic Christian - St. Patrick’s Day

March 20. Baha’i - Naw-Ru’z New Year. Bah’a the first month of the Baha’i New Year (Splendor).

Shinto - Shunbun-no-hi. Spring Memorial Service and Vernal Equinox

Wicca - Ostara Celebrates the return of the Goddess as Maiden, the courting of the Goddess by God and the reawakening of the seeds in the earth.

March Equinox

March 21. Zoroastrian - Now Ruz (Fasli) New Year. It celebrates the renewal of the world and the creation of fire. (symbolic of Asha or righteousness. Zarathustra received his revelation on this day.

World Down Syndrome Day

International Day for the elimination of Racial discrimination UN

Week of Solidarity People Struggling against Racism and Radical Discrimination UN.

March 22. World Water Day UN

March 23. World Meteorological Day UN

March 25. International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery UN

March 26. Zoroastrian - Birth of the Prophet Zarathustra (Fasli)

March 27. Judaism - Eve of Pesah begins at sundown.

Earth Hour taking responsibility for a sustainable future.

March 28. Western Christianity - Palm Sunday, Holy Week begins.

Islam - Laylat al Bara’at - Night of Repentance/Forgiveness in preparation for Ramadan. Prayers and fasting begin at sunset and may continue until sunset of the following day May 29.

Judaism - Feast Day of Pesah (Passover) continues until April 4 and commemorates the departure of the Israelites from Egypt.

Full Moon

March 29. Hindu - Holi referred to as the Festival of Colors. It welcomes Spring and is dedicated to Krishna or Kama.

Sikh - Hola Mohalla is a three-day festival following Holi, the 10th Sikh Guru. Guru Gobind Singh Ji started it as a time for military preparedness.